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Sovereign Hill Masonic Lodge No. 228

Established 1992
Meets at Masonic Centre Upstairs, 'Charlie Napier Hotel' - Main Street, Sovereign Hill, Bradshaw Street, Golden Point, Ballarat
[Photo courtesy of W Bro. Paul R Winchester PPSGD]
Sovereign Hill Lodge
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Sovereign Hill is an outdoor 'living' museum whose focus is on the impact of the 19th century gold discoveries on the growth of Ballarat, which was a small pastoral settlement when gold was discovered in 1851. Sovereign Hill attracts some 450,000 visitors each year and is world reknown world wide from its emphasis on historical period accuracy, working machinery and exhibits, costumed interpreters (both volunteer and paid), costumed schools program and visitor interaction.

In keeping with this, Sovereign Hill also has recreated a Masonic Lodge of the mid-1850s complete with original furniture and fittings donated by the Talbot Masonic Lodge No. 42. It is located upstairs in the 'Charlie Napier Hotel' in Main Street, Sovereign Hill. The original 'Charlie Napier' was in Main Road, Ballarat at the time of the gold rush and the licensee of the time, John Gibbs, first made the room available for Masonic meetings in the mid-1850s.

Although it is not a functioning Masonic Lodge as such, many visiting Lodges have held meetings there since its opening. The room only seats 30 people, and in keeping with Sovereign Hill's emphasis on historical accuracy, the Secretary must still write the in the Minutes in ink!

Completed in 1992, it is open to public viewing through out the daily opening hours of Sovereign Hill.