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'The Roger Porteous Library'
& 'Robert Bell Archives'

The Central Highlands District Masonic 'Roger Porteous Library' and 'Robert Bell Archives' are named in honour of two local Freemasons who were dedicated to promoting Masonic knowledge and learning.

The Library and Archives hold an array of books, memorabilia, artefacts and other materials. The Ballarat Masonic Library and Museum’s purpose is to preserve Masonic documents, artifacts and educate Freemasons and the community about the Masonic Fraternity as part of the History & Heritage of Ballarat.

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Our Mission

The Mission of the Ballarat Masonic Library is to provide a significant source of Masonic education and information by collecting and preserving the Masonic records and artifacts of the Goldfields, and to provide educational and historical avenues for local civic organisations and answer individual enquiries regarding Masonic History & Heritage. The Library and Archives can assist Freemasons and researchers with access to:

Masonic and other books

Masonic memorabilia

Archives of many Ballarat Lodges

Family History: Learn more of your Ancestor’s Masonic life.

Volunteer staff are available by prior arrangement to conduct tours of Ballarat Masonic Centre for individuals or groups. Speakers are also available for clubs, schools, etc. and some material from the Library and Archive may also be loaned for exhibitions and events.

The Library and Archives are located within the Ballarat Masonic Centre at 616 Barkly Street, Golden Point, Ballarat.

If you would like further information about the Library & Archives, please contact Brian Mcdowell at musicmac@gotalk.net.au