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Charity & Benevolence

Freemasons Victoria (United Grand Lodge of Victoria) states "The practice of benevolence, or universal charity, is a core belief of Freemasons everywhere. Freemasonry was founded on the principle of universal charity and has a proud history of assisting those in need. Established in 1889 Freemasons Victoria’s Board of Benevolence is one of Victoria’s oldest charitable funds."

Every year millions of dollars in financial support or like contributions are made to the community across Victoria. For example, teams of Freemasons volunteered to assist with cleaning up after the 'Black Saturday' bush fires and repaired fencing.

Central Highlands District Masonic Lodges support many groups and organisations in their local communities. The Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited often matches local monies raised dollar-for-dollar.

District members are also active in the 'Freemasons Task Force'. The Task Force has existed as a Community Support Program as a supporting arm of Freemasonry since 1983 with volunteer Task Force members assisting local communities in need and helping with various projects. For example, Central Highlands Distinct Freemasons are involved with the highly regarded Royal South Street Competitions, flood relief and providing aid for those needing extra support in Winter time. More about our involvement in the 'Freemasons Task Force' can be seen here

Freemasons Victoria's Board of Benevolence also provides assistance to the wider community by grant application as well as Masonic Scholarships and Tertiary Awards. In 2012 Freemasons Victoria contributed $450,000.00 to the community through the Board of Benevolence. 'Charity Challenges' are also held where individual Lodges in Districts make competitive presentations to the Board of Benevolence for additional funding to support local needs.

Please Click here if you would like to find out more about Benevloent programs at Freemasons Victoria.