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Central Highlands District Freemasons is a group of Masonic Lodges chartered under the United Grand Lodge of Victoria (UGLV). There are a number of metropolitian (Melbourne) and rural Districts across the state, as the map below shows.

The United Grand Lodge of Victoria is the governing body of Freemasonry in this State. Its leader is the elected Grand Master, and its governing committee is the Board of General Purposes. It has a full time secretariat headed by the Grand Secretary.

The District has a representative management committee and and modern administrative and function centre in Ballarat. The District is comprised of 16 Craft Lodges spread across a geographic area from Bacchus Marsh to Ararat and caters for Freemasons and their families. A number of other Masonic Orders also operate in the District, utilizing local Freemasonry facilities.

The Central Highlands area has a rich history, diverse cultural make up, and areas of great natural beauty and importance. While gold mining, manufacturing and agriculture figured very prominently in the post European settlement years, local Koorie history is replete with vivid 'Dreamtime' legends and customs.

Each of the towns in the area can lay claim to significant events in the development of the State of Victoria from English colony to key founding member of the Commonwealth of Australia. Today tourism is a major draw card to the area.

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Click here to view a brief history of Freemasonry in the Central Highlands District and the opening of the Ballarat Masonic Centre in 2011.